Independent Wine Writer

Erin is an independent wine writer, judge and presenter based in Perth, WA. She reviews Australian wines full time for Robert Parker Wine Advocate.

Prior to this, Erin was part of the Halliday Tasting Team, at the Halliday Wine Companion (her areas include all of Western Australia, Clare Valley, Coonawarra, the Limestone Coast and others in South Australia), and was a regular contributor to the Wine Companion Magazine. 

“Full time wine drinker as well as writer: I host wine events when I’m not writing, I do videos when I’m not hosting, and I drink wine throughout it all.  Work doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do.  I spend my time talking about wine to the people who make it or to the people who drink it, and I only recommend the things that I love.  Drink well, time is short.”