5 IN 5 UNDER 30 : Ep 01.


I am often asked what wine to buy.  It’s one I love to answer, but is very dependent on mood and budget.  I thought I’d take the challenge myself, and with a $30 limit per bottle went to my local wine store and bought these five wines.

The major question I ask myself is WHY SHOULD I SPEND MY MONEY ON THAT?  I’m answering this here for you.


2019 Brian 3 Pinots Tasmania


If you’re bored with your usual choices and want something that will inject a bit of challenge and excitement into your life.  This is it.  No one ever thought Brian would be the source of challenge and excitement but there you have it.  This is textural and awesome, utterly appropriate for those who ‘don’t do natural wine’ (whatever that is anyway) and utterly appropriate for those who do.  I loved this and was cursing the half bottle.  Fabulous for drinking alone.

Treat it like a rose and chill it.  I mean – do whatever you like with it, but I chilled it and it was good.

Pinot noir, gris and meunier.  Farmed with organic practices though not certified. Less than a week on skins. Gentle maceration. Nude pigeage (punch downs). Co-fermented. Bottled unfined an unfiltered with zero sulphur.” “We make our whites like reds and our reds like whites” Mike Bennie, Pete Dredge, Joe Holyman started Brian in 2012.



2019 Castle Rock Riesling Porongurup


Rob Diletti made it – which means “is Diletti is good”.  Porongurup riz is amazing – always has a floral nose, white chalk, citrus blossom with hints of jasmine, and despite the pretty lead-in it has wicked acidity that is both succulent and laser. This is bang for buck ONE of the greatest Rieslings down in Porongurup… but Diletti is responsible for a few so….


2018 Prunotto Dolcetto d’Alba Alba, Italy


Yes yes yes.  This has long been a favourite because it is juicy, bright, fine, and delicious.  So delicious.  Not a full-bodied monster by any stretch of the imagination – this is for those who love a spicy fine wine with plenty of party and bounce.  If pinot and gamay are already a known quantity and you’re looking to step sideways… this is for you.  Yum.  Also check out the Barbera d’Alba by Prunotto… same life and love but just in a slightly different dress.  More body and structure perhaps.


2019 Frankland Estate Franc Frankland River


Organic cabernet franc.  All the structure, acidity and perfume of cabernet sauvignon, with edge, spice and something just a leeeetle bit different.  Its spiritual home is in the Loire: Chinon to be specific.  I’ve had a lot of fun with Chinon.  This is more reliable, closer to home. And probably cheaper!  Something I forgot to mention on the vid but that I will clarify here: the acidity has a real crunch to it… refreshing and edgy.


2018 Ring Bolt Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River


This wine took out the trophy Wine of Show at Margaret River wine show 2019.  Always look to regional shows for the best of the star varieties – ie you like cabernet you go to the Margaret River show.  This hit the trophy table and wiped the floor with the other, excellent wines that had made it through to the top echelon.  Jaw-dropping stuff.