​Brian 3 Pinots, Tasmania

I’ve been meaning to try this for too long, the long wait time was amply rewarded, however: this is delicious.

Really interesting and exciting red fruits on the nose – think along the lines of pomegranate and raspberry (expected, from the noir), white florals and chalkiness (meunier) and even hints of salted nashi pear and crunch (the gris).  The texture on the palate is everything – an engaging combo of crunchy, edgy and fine, but also kind of chewy, kind of plump.  Kind of delicious.  I drank the wine chilled (like a rose) and feel that was the right way to come at it – it was great as it warmed up too, but the cool temperature infused this with an uber refreshing and lively vibe.  I loved it and was cursing the half bottle (although I enjoyed the novelty aspect of it, too).  Fabulous for drinking alone.

Pinot noir, pinot gris and pinot meunier.  Farmed with organic practices though not certified. Less than a week on skins. Gentle maceration. Nude pigeage (punch downs). Co-fermented. Bottled unfined an unfiltered with zero sulphur.”

“We make our whites like reds and our reds like whites”

Mike Bennie (wine writer, presenter, Wine Front, Gourmet Traveller Wine, Delicious Mag + many more), Pete Dredge (winemaker at Meadowbank and his own Dr Edge label both in Tasmania) and Joe Holyman (winemaker at Holyman Wines in Tasmania) started Brian, together, in 2012.