Domaine de la Poultiere, ‘Les Pierres Blanches’, Brut NV, Vouvray

100% chenin blanc, as are all wines from Domaine de la Poultiere. 

This is a beautiful wine, and certainly one of the few alternatives to Champagne that I would seriously consider for my ‘time off’ drinking.  The nose is delicate, with aromas of cheesecloth, beeswax, apricot florals, hints of custard powder, lemon curd and salted stone fruit.  Mouth-watering.  The palate shows a fine mousse, and overall plump mouthfeel. It is delicate and creamy and wonderful.  This maintains a waxy texture and true chenin blanc fruit characters yet manages to insert them into a classic sparkling wine continent of flavour.  Seamless.  Lovely.  Yes.