Domaine Prieure Roch Clou 2012


A really lovely colour in the glass – a bit cloudy, a touch of lemon, and moving to golden but not quite there, yet.  A racy, textural, edgy, intensely flavoured marvel that was spiced with tangerine, stone fruit, spice, brine and all manner of good things to follow. A wonderful reason why ageing wines pays dividends in the end.  This 8 year hiatus from vintage to drinking was just about perfect, and I’m ready to do it all again.


RRP $200 on release?  More for this aged bottle?


  • Update: I just located a bottle of the current vintage 2017.  I’ll taste it again in May 2028 and let you know how it is!

(now known as ‘Les Cloud Blanc’’)

“Situated to the North of Côte de Beaune at the foot of the Montagne de Corton, just at the limit of the Côte des Nuits, in the appellation “Ladoix Villages”, the plot called “le clou”, which gets its’ name from “cloud”, is now part of our domaine. Le Cloud covers 2.16 hectares of which 1.68 ha is planted with pinot noir and the remaining 0.48 ha in chardonnay. Acquired in 2010, this terroir is in the process of being tamed and trained in keeping with the philosophy of Domaine Prieuré Roch.”

LADOIX villages, Côte de beaune

Production: 2500 bottles

2012 our first vintage of this appellation.