Earl Rousseau Freres Touraine Noble Joue Rose, Loire Valley 2018

A relatively new appellation, Touraine Noble Joue was declared AC in 2001.  With only five producers in the region it is tiny, with a total annual production of only 200,000 bottles, making it relatively rare on a world stage.  Pinot Meunier 50%, Pinot Gris 35% and Pinot Noir 15%, the grapes are pressed immediately after picking, they give a colour called ‘partridge eye pink’. Stainless steel maturing on fine lees for 4 months, then bottled. 

Rich and full bodied this is crammed to the seams with strawberry, red currant, heirloom tomato and spice.  The wine has structure and body, the pinot gris really makes an impact on the palate.  Apart from the red berry fruits that define this as a rose, there is a clear expression of French summer pear, a clap of white chalk and a sprinkling of fennel.