2020 Grosset Release

Of course 2020 was low-yielding.  2020 has been everything else this year, it might as well be tight on the yields, too.  The year has remained true to its obstreperous and frankly objectionable nature and delivered us not only a tiny vintage, but a BRILLIANT vintage.  Thank you very much.

2020 Alea

Released September 1st 2020.  Single vineyard: Rockwood vineyard, certified organic. Circa +/- 10gms/L residual?

Spring blossom, key lime, pink lady apple, lantana, cilantro, leafy herbs, hint of freesia and lavender.  There is eucalypt, dew, talcum and what… juniper?  The palate is concentrated and intense, super fine, plush and if it had a colour it would be arctic white such is the purity and crystalline expression of this wine.  The touch of sweetness in there does nothing but make this more balanced, charming and beautiful. There is tension, and taut acidity… all things balanced and teetering.  Fresh and bright.  Structured.  It plunges deep and then it goes long.  Brilliant wine. 


2020 Springvale

Released September 1st 2020.  Single vineyard: Springvale vineyard, certified organic.

Lime zest, pith, limestone and white pepper.  Freshly crushed granny smith apple (skin on) and brine in there too.  There is a salty lick that forms the backbone of acid that runs through the very core of this wine.  It doesn’t flow in the order I expect it to, which takes nothing away from it, it just makes it unique.  Savoury, salty and tight but underpinned by fleshy generosity… it’s like a firm steel structure thrown onto a plush down-filled coverlet… enduring, stupendous length of flavour – I can taste it long after it is gone.  Saline and lingering. Great length of flavour.  Powerhouse.


2020 Polish Hill

Released September 1st 2020.  From the single vineyard: Polish Hill (certified organic).  

This is a wine that is overlaid on itself: citrus fruit, jasmine florals and pith are draped over white pepper, jasmine tea and sea salt; these layers are fixed to the firm acid and phenolic structure that is the flesh and body of this wine.  This is a tightly packed, savoury, serious, searing riesling with authority and gravitas.  The length of flavour is something to behold.  There is a lightness and a purity in 2020 that confirms life and lift – where the ’19 had a warmth and sunshine in it – this is dappled shade and cool breeze.


See for yourself…