Lonely Shore Pinot Noir, 2018

LONELY SHORE Pinot Noir 2018

Red cherry, olive tapenade, crushed slate, mulberry, satsuma plum and pomegranate. The palate is fine boned, elegant, layered – the fine pinot flavours course over the tongue riding a wave of fresh acidity. There’s a stemmy/wholebunch character in there too, a sprinkling of white pepper and brine wraps it all up – there’s a creaminess through the finish which is a double bonus. Hand picked from the DeiTos vineyard 6k’s east of Manjimup, 20% whole bunch, basket press, 8 months in French (10% new).  Made by Liam Carmody (of Forest Hill, Denmark fame) and a super brilliant ‘side-project’ if I ever saw one.  Love this and am all about the concept, too.  Lovely stuff. A big yes from me.


It took me a couple of goes to find this wine… I had chanced upon it on wines lists and ordered it, only to find it had sold out.  Made in small quantities so it’s understandably difficult to come by.  I eventually stumbled upon it at a wine bar in Denmark.  It made our night.